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"Travel to Mongolia" Which taxi you should take in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar has an estimated 564 official taxis (UB taxi service) of 17 companies operating in the city. 

In addition to official taxi companies in Ulaanbaatar, there are many individuals who provide unofficial taxi services.


Taking taxi on the street

 If you want to catch a taxi, you just raise your hand. Private car will often stop and bring you to your destination. In the Ulaanbaatar city, private taxi fare is MNT 800 per kilometer. But the night fare is MNT 1000 per kilometer.

Credit cards not accepted by taxi drivers. Cash is the preferred method in Mongolia.

Official taxi companies

Prefer official taxis, call the taxi companies and ask the taxi plate number and arrival time. Of course, this option makes you safe and reliable.

Here are some official taxi company lists recommended :

  • Ub taxi +(976) 1800-1991
  • Help taxi +(976) 9965-2371
  • Noyon taxi +(976) 1900-1950( you should ask to connect with the taxi services. Because it is a phone number of united call center in Mongolia)
  • Ulaanbaatar call center +(976) 1900-1617 (ask to connect with the taxi services)
  • Imperial taxi +(976) 11-331212
  • Ciman taxi +(976) 7013-9991
  • National call center +(976) 1900-1109 (ask to connect with the taxi services)
  • VIP Taxi LLC +(976) 1900-1199

                                 +(976) 7000-4499 (ask to connect with the taxi services)

When you call a taxi service( with numbers that begin with 1900), it charges  MNT 500 per minute. An additional MNT 500-1000 as a wait time fee may also be charged. During rush hours normally there are no taxis available.

The fare for official taxi companies have MNT 1500-3000 per kilometer. 



Using taxi apps


Also you want to book taxi services from online, you should download 

application of Ub cab or Aba taxi Mongolia

Some taxi drivers may charge a higher fee than normal. You should download the application of Taxidyoo, you won’t risk overpaying.


Hiring a driver

If you prefer a more private and safest way of service, you can hire a driver with a car. Some companies offer this service with an English speaking driver.


Enjoy your stay in UB :)



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