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"Travel to Mongolia" Where to stay and how to book online

Mongolia is a very low-cost destination to travel compared to other countries and has beautiful places to discover and to enjoy. If you are planning to travel to Mongolia and looking for information about accommodation in Mongolia, I am happy to share my experiences of accommodation in Mongolia. 

So let’s talk about where to stay while you are travelling in Mongolia. 


Maybe you know Mongolia is famous for yurt called Ger. Visiting Mongolian Ger gives a unique experience about nomadic people. In Mongolia, almost half of Mongolians still live in Ger. But Ger is more like in rural areas. If you will travel around the Mongolian nature, and rural area, ger is the best accommodation to stay. Ger has two to five beds in it and also sometimes suggests double bedded ger. Typically there is no shower toilet in it. Toilets are separate from ger. And in winter time, If ger gets colder there is a heater which is provided by woods and makes fire in your ger. Mongolian Gers are around 250kgs in weight, including the wooden walls and one layer of textile felt. It is a structure with no windows and only one door. If you are out of the capital city, in the countryside, most of your time is spent in Ger as accommodation. 

Building a mongolian ger

In Ulaanbaatar or In center of the provinces, there are still Hotels to stay but experiencing other accommodations in Mongolia is one of the best experiences while traveling. If you want to book hotels it's your choice, visit and book it in a very easy way with a reasonable price


In Mongolian resorts, there are wooden houses. Wooden houses are more ecological and comfortable than Gers. Mongolians use it because it is an economic alternative and beneficial for the environment. Sometimes it has a toilet and showers in it, sometimes it may not. But like I said it is more comfortable than Ger /yurt/, at least it has a window. But still Ger is a very unique experience. 


Recently, people are customizing ger and have become more modernized. 

If you want to see hotels and resorts choices, visit and book it in a very easy way with a reasonable price or feel free to call us about information +976 77279090. 



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