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Khuskhan resorts

Located 53 km to the west of Ulaanbaatar on the route to Darkhan, it is located on the 52th and wide mouth valley. - Show map

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Khuskhan mother and child's resorts will work for 4 seasons with a beautiful environment, surrounded by birch and pine forests, comfortable, warm and comfortable atmosphere for your family. We will be kind to everyone who wants to relieve from city's bad envirement stresses, to get out from air pollution, traffic etc.

Our service to you:

One big room with warm, cosy envirement with comfortable bed,children's bed,baby dining tables hot and cold water and TV , refrigerator for your family, . Oh and big common room for everyone.

For parents:

3 main dishes: For breakfast will be light food.

                      For Lunch will be Soup and Main dish

                      For Dinner will be Main dish

and between dishes  in the summer we will serve you milk, yogurt, raisin juice,

                                 in the winter hot curds, hot wild mountain fruit, blueberry, seabuckthorn juices; green tea and mongolian traditional milk tea.days

Regardless of how many days you are staying you can take partial and full body massages everyday.

Clean and confortable sauna.

We will help you to wash you baby's clothes with special detergent and soap.

We have baby watching services for mothers when they having massages, and relaxing in sauna or eating food.

For children:

3 to 4 Tasty and safe food for your child depending on age.

everyday age from 0 to 3 year old childrens will have black tea bath, bone soup bath and normal bath, sunbade massages for just borns.

In summer for babie care will give yellow milk for health and airag, milk massages.

age to 13 children everyday health massages.





Food & Beverages
Breakfast (Payable)
Public area
Public Lounge
Laundry service
Daily cleaning
Wellness & Spa
Hot and Cold water
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Available rooms

Check-In / Check-out: 1 night

Normal room with 1 bed. (1 single bed)
1 Occupancy
1 Bed
100 m 2

need to ask

88,880 USD night
Normal room 2 bed. (2 single beds)
2 Occupancy
2 Bed
100 m 2

need to ask

98,980 USD night
98,980 USD night
Lux room (1 double bed)
1 Occupancy
1 Bed
100 m 2

need to ask

111,100 USD night

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