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About us

iHotel provides an interconnected technological solution to travelers and the hospitality industry in Mongolia


iHotel LLC was found in 2014, and successfully shaped Mongolian hospitality industry with our technological solutions. We are currently providing the only Property Management System in Mongolian language and established the largest hotel specialized online travel agency in the Mongolian market. In 2018, we launched v3.0 which is focused on domestic travelers, and PMS v2.0 to our partners. Currently, we are working on another large-scale project in order to provide the global travel network to Mongolian travelers in their own language. As a part of the project, we are developing the latest AI based travel planner in order to solve travelers’ pre-travel time-wasting struggles.

Our team


City Tower-1201, B. Altangerel street, Sukhbaatar district, 8th khoroo, Ulaanbaatar-14200-0049, Mongolia