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Khuvsgul eco tour camp was Established in 2002 on the shore of majestic Khuvsgul lake, with beautiful nature and peaceful environment, only 15 minutes driving from Khatgal village. Our cappacity for one shift is from 100 to 150 customers. 

Mountain hiking
Wall climbing
Car rental
Rent bike
Pick up/ Drop off service (extra charge)
Shared Bathroom
Hot and Cold water
For group reservation,
we recommend you a SECRET DEAL.
Total booking
Available rooms

Night: 1

12/11/2019 - 12/12/2019

Yurt (Quadruple beds)

Yurt is available for 2 to 4 person. Please note that this is per person price. In this price included breakfast, lunch, dinner.

4 Occupancy
4 Bed
20 m 2
x 4
34 USD night

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