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Mandal Resort

Tuv aimag, Erdene soum 7 km north of the Chinggis Khaan monument. - Show map

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The Mandal Resort was established in 2007 and renovated in 2011. We are working to provide traditional and modern Mongolian culture and make them to enjoy the natural beauty for visitors.

Billiard / Pool
Table tennis
Volleyball field
Wellness and spa
Public area
24/7 reception
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Available rooms

Check-In / Check-out: 1 night

Canada house with 4 beds (Quadruple beds)
4 Occupancy
4 Bed
20 m 2

Our canada house has a 4 beds.

x 4
36 USD night
Modern Ger (Quadruple beds)
4 Occupancy
4 Bed
20 m 2

Our modern ger has 4 beds, private bathroom and tv.

x 4
64 USD night
Family House (2 Double Beds)
4 Occupancy
2 Bed
30 m 2

Our family house has 2 beds, private bathroom, tv and kitchen.

x 4
64 USD night
Canada house with 8 beds (Quadruple beds)
8 Occupancy
8 Bed
30 m 2

Our canada house has a 8 beds.

x 8
64 USD night

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